Christian Fontenot

Aspiring Researcher | Student | Tinkerer

Baton Rouge, La, USA

Hello, I’m an undergraduate researcher pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science, as well as Mathematics, with the ambition of pursuing a Ph.D. My research interests primarily lie in Programming Languages, Cybersecurity, and Embedded Systems, and the overlaps between them. In more detail, I’m interested in utilizing programming language design and techniques in order to improve the security of cyber-physical systems, which are traditionally written in low-level languages with weak guarantees of safety.

Currently, I do research with the IntelliSys Lab at LSU, working on optimizations for serverless computing.

Outside of research, I program as a hobby, and am interested in both low-level systems programmming, as well as working with functional programming languages to solve problems I find interesting. Overall I’m passionate about learning, and gaining new insight.


Jan 5, 2022 Switched personal site to use Jekyll and al-folio.